Welcome, we’re Les jardiniers à bicyclette, a company of sturdy, earth-loving gardeners who do things differently.

We don’t step lightly on the Earth—we roll lightly. That means we’ll use our bicycles when we travel to do work on your garden, yard or balcony. We look for simple solutions and use minimal resources to create beautiful, bountiful and often edible gardens.

The Environment Equation

It’s clear that climate change is here, but there’s still lots we can do. Did you know that by using a bike instead of a car, you reduce your yearly carbon dioxide output by an average of 5,240 kg per year (not to mention the reduction of many other chemical emissions)? (Source: The Environment Equation.)

700 pounds

700 pounds on our bike trailer.

Also, by not using highly pollutive engines found in lawn mowers and leaf blowers, by watering plants early in the morning, and by eating locally and organically, you can reduce your carbon footprint by a further 2,860 kg. Add the bike, and that’s 8 metric tons! The average North American releases 20 metric tons of CO2 per year from machines.

All of our tools are manually powered, don’t require gas and reduce noise pollution. We draw upon a wide range of knowledge that can revitalize urban green spaces. We also have lots of tricks that can naturally fertilize soil, attract good organisms and keep away the pests.

What’s more, a big focus for us these days is to suggest indigenous plants that are multifunctional. That is, they not only look charming, but may also be edible, medicinal and attract birds and pollinators.

In short, we try to be conscientious, reliable and efficient with our actions as bike gardeners. It’s a start, with lots of room to grow. Enjoy your visit on our website.


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